Celebrity Authentics Auctions

Celebrity Authentics was founded upon the simple principle of providing fans with an opportunity to own genuine celebrity autographed collectibles with uncompromising authenticity. We redefined authenticity by only releasing items that we have personally witnessed being autographed by the actor and thereby can guarantee without a doubt or question that the item is 100% genuine. In 2006 we launched and quickly became the most trusted name in celebrity autographs.

Today, with customers spanning the globe, Celebrity Authentics works with leading studios, prop masters and actors to proudly offer fans and collectors with the opportunity to bid on a wide selection of screen used props, items and wardrobe. Only screen used items authenticated by the actor, studio or prop master are offered by Celebrity Authentics Auctions. Our redefining of industry standards for screen used items also includes our release of the Celebrity Authentics Letter of Authenticity which documents the item by description and picture and additionally includes a unique serial-number for verification in our online database. The item and Letter of Authenticity are lastly traced with our propriety Origin ID solution for forensic matching. This process has made Celebrity Authentics authenticated screen used items and wardrobe to be among the most coveted by bidders.

There is truly a difference in screen used memorabilia and that difference is Celebrity Authentics. Our Authenticity process not only provides piece of mind but also helps retain the item’s value with after-market sales often selling for vastly more than the item’s original purchase price. We look forward to offering you the most amazing pieces of screen used memorabilia and autographed collectibles from film and entertainment’s finest franchises and releases for your bidding pleasure!