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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 Michelle Rodriguez Autographed 1:18 Scale Die-Cast Fast and Furious Dom's 1970 Dodge Charger 200
2 Tim Curry, Meat Loaf Autographed 1975 The Rocky Horror Picture Show 16x24 Poster 130
3 Henry Winkler Autographed Happy Days 8x10 The Fonz Photo 55
4 Alicia Silverstone Autographed Rolling Stone 11x13 Cover Photo 50
5 Rosario Dawson and Rose McGowan Autographed 11x13 Rolling Stone Cover Photo 0
6 Chris Hemsworth Autographed 8×10 Portrait Photo 40
7 Brian Herring and Lee Towersey Autographed Star Wars: The Force Awakens Droids 8×10 Photo 115
8 Sigourney Weaver Autographed Ghostbusters 16x24 Poster 0
9 David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser Autographed Starsky and Hutch Torino 1:18 Scale Die-Cast Car 230
10 Jamie Foxx Autographed Django Unchained 8×10 Scene Photo 75
11 Ralph Macchio, Billy Zabka Autographed 1984 The Karate Kid 16x24 Movie Poster 0
12 Jason Momoa Autographed Game of Thrones Nomad 8x10 Photo 75
13 Val Kilmer Autographed Tombstone Doc Holliday POP Vinyl #852 110
14 Millie Bobby Brown Autographed Stranger Things 11x14 Poster Art Photo 250
15 Christopher Lloyd Autographed 1985 Back to the Future Doc Brown with Helmet Pop! Vinyl #959 0
16 Al Pacino Autographed The Godfather 1:18 Scale Die-Cast 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60 415
17 Uma Thurman and John Travolta Autographed Pulp Fiction 16x20 Classic Dance Photo 190
18 Michael J. Fox Autographed 1995 Back to the Future Marty in Future Outfit #962 POP! Vinyl Figure 0
19 Robert Englund, Heather Lagenkamp, Amanda Wyss, Ronee Blakley Cast Autographed A Nightmare on Elm Street 27x40 Single Sided Movie Poster with Inscription 0
20 Friday the 13th Cast Autographed Jason Voorhees #01 POP Vinyl Figure 0
21 Chloe Grace Moretz Autographed Kick-Ass Hit-Girl School Girl 11x14 Photo 75
22 Charlie Hunnam Autographed Sons of Anarchy Screen Accurate Voss Motorcycle Helmet 0
23 Ron Perlman Autographed 2004 Hellboy Original 27x40 Double-Sided Movie Poster 0
24 Milla Jovovich Autographed 2004 Resident Evil Apocalypse Rain 8x10 Photo 135
25 Megan Fox Autographed Transformers Bumblebee 2006 Camaro 1:24 Scale Die-Cast Car 130
26 Val Kilmer Autographed 2012 The New 52 Batman #0 CGC SS 9.8 with Batman Inscription (mint) 0
27 Margot Robbie Autographed Alice Zhang Harley Quinn Hit Me With Your Best Shot 13×19 Giclée Print 0
28 Benicio Del Toro Autographed 2017 Star Wars the Last Jedi DJ Scene 8x10 Photo 80
29 Burt Reynolds Autographed Exclusive Smokey and the Bandit II 1:18 Scale Die-Cast Pontiac Trans Am 0
30 Shameik Moore Autographed 2021 Amazing Spider-Man #55 Horton Variant Miles Morales Cover CGC SS 9.8 (mint) 0
31 Emilia Clarke Autographed Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen 11x14 Photo 0
32 William Shatner Autographed Classic Star Trek Communicator 0
33 Samuel L. Jackson Autographed Captain America Winter Soldier Nick Fury 16x20 Photo 0
34 Temuera Morrison Autographed Star Wars Boba Fett The Mandalorian Pop Vinyl #462 105
35 Jonathan Breck, Justin Long, Gina Philips Autographed Jeepers Creepers Prop Replica Creeper Axe 0
36 Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta Autographed Grease 16x24 Poster 0
37 John Carpenter Autographed Christine (1983) 1958 Plymouth Fury 1:18 Scale Rusted Die-Cast 295
38 Michael J. Fox Autographed Back to the Future II Marty McFly Jacket 0
39 Jeff Goldblum Autographed Jurassic World 1:18 Scale Die-Cast Jeep Wrangler 0
40 Peter Weller Autographed RoboCop 16x20 Photo 215
41 Al Pacino Autographed The Godfather Replica Fedora 460
42 Uma Thurman Autographed Batman & Robin Poison Ivy #343 POP! Vinyl Figure * Specialty Variant 0
43 John Travolta Autographed Pulp Fiction Vincent Vega by Gabriel T Toro 20x30 Photo 0
44 Gal Gadot Autographed Wonder Woman 16x20 Photo 0
45 Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd Autographed Back to the Future 1:24 Scale Die-Cast Flying Time Machine DeLorean 0
46 Sylvester Stallone Autographed Rocky Single-Sided 24x36 Movie Poster 0
47 Willem Dafoe Autographed 2002 Spider-Man Green Goblin Pumpkin Bomb 11x14 Photo 165
48 Mel Gibson Autographed Housebear I've Got A Bronze Badge That Says I'm One Of The Good Guys Mad Max 18x24 Giclee Print 0
49 Kate Beckinsale Autographed Underworld: Blood Wars #1 CGC SS 9.9 (Mint) Celebrity Authentics Exclusive Variant Photo Cover 730
50 Adam Driver and David Prowse Autographed Star Wars Legacy 11x14 Photo 0
51 Ben Affleck Autographed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 1:18 Scale Die-Cast Elite Batmobile 0
52 Andrew Garfield Autographed Amazing Spider-Man City Scape 16×20 Photo 0
53 Kiefer Sutherland and Alex Winter Autographed The Lost Boys 16x24 Movie Poster 170
54 Tom Hardy Autographed 2018 We Are Venom 16x20 Photo PASS
55 Andy Serkis Autographed Lord of the Rings Gollum 11x14 Framed Display with Collectors Ring 0
56 Kane Hodder, Derek Mears & Jason Voorhees Cast Autographed Friday the 13th Camp Blood Series II 11x14 Photo Display with Screen Used Dock 620
57 Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston Autographed Thor: The Dark World 27x40 Original Poster 0
58 David Prowse and Ian McDiarmid Autographed Star Wars Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine Death Star 11x14 Photo 0
59 Evangeline Lilly Autographed The Hobbit The Fighting Knives of Tauriel 670
60 Simu Liu Autographed Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Original 27x40 Double-Sided Movie Poster 0
61 Val Kilmer Autographed 1994 Batman Forever #289 Pop! Vinyl Figure with Batman Inscription 225
62 Shameik Moore Autographed Spider-Man Miles Morales Mask 0
63 Elizabeth Olsen Autographed Scarlet Witch 16×20 Infinity Witch Photo 0
64 Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, Amanda Wyss, Ronee Blakley Cast Autographed A Nightmare on Elm Street 1958 Cadillac 1:24 Scale Die-Cast Car with Figure 0
65 Kate Beckinsale Autographed Underworld Death Dealer 16x20 Photo with 'Selene' Inscription 175
66 Shameik Moore Autographed Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse 11×14 Photo 55
67 Paul Rudd Autographed 2016 Ant-Man #11 Celebrity Authentics Exclusive Variant Photo Cover CGC Signature Series 9.8 (mint) 0
68 Skeet Ulrich, Neve Campbell, Matthew Lillard, Rose McGowan, Jamie Kennedy Autographed 1996 Scream 16x24 Movie Poster 530
69 Mel Gibson Autographed Braveheart William Wallace Sword with Sheath 0
70 Val Kilmer Autographed Tombstone Doc Holliday Quick Draw Pistol Revolver with 'Say When' & 'Doc’ Inscriptions 0
71 Adam West and Burt Ward Autographed Die-Cast 1:18 Scale Batman 1966 Batmobile 980
72 Tom Hardy Autographed Venom POP Vinyl Figure #363 310
73 Sigourney Weaver Autographed Aliens 16x24 Poster 235
74 Uma Thurman Autographed Kill Bill The Bride Leather Motorcycle Jacket 0
75 Al Pacino Autographed Scarface Tony Montana The World is Yours Statue 0
76 Milla Jovovich Autographed Resident Evil T-Virus & G-Vaccine Prop Replica Set with Case 0
77 Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Cast Autographed 1:1 Scale Mask Series 3 390
78 William Shatner Autographed Star Trek Prop Replica 1:1 Scale Tricorder 0
79 Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman, Ryan Hurst and Sons of Anarchy Cast Autographed Leather Vest 0
80 Evangeline Lilly Autographed Marvel's Ant-Man and the Wasp Prelude #2 CGC Signature Series 9.8 0
81 Val Kilmer, Tom Skerritt, James Tolkan Autographed Top Gun F-14 Die-Cast Tomcat 1:48 Scale 0
82 Robert De Niro Autographed 1976 Taxi Driver 1:18 Scale Yellow Die-Cast New York City Checker Taxi Cab 0
83 Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner and Avengers Cast 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron 16x24 Poster 620
84 Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta Autographed Grease Deluxe T-Birds Jacket 0
85 Michael J. Fox Autographed Back to the Future Marty McFly Johnny B. Goode Cherry Red Guitar PASS
86 Tom Hardy Autographed 2022 Catwoman #41 CA Exclusive Variant CGC SS 9.9 (mint) * Rare Photo Cover! 1025
87 Temuera Morrison Autographed Star Wars The Black Series Boba Fett Re-Armored Premium Electronic Helmet 340
88 Katee Sackhoff Autographed Star Wars The Mandalorian The Black Series Bo Katan Kryze Premium Electronic Helmet 0
89 Benicio Del Toro Autographed Marvel Avengers Infinity War The Collector Aether Prop Replica with Infinity Stone 0
90 Margot Robbie Autographed Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Good Night Baseball Bat 355
91 Daisy Ridley Autographed Stars Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Rey Yellow Lightsaber POP Vinyl Figure 0
92 Anne Hathaway Autographed Hot Toys The Dark Knight Rises 1/6 Scale Batpod 0
93 Val Kilmer Autographed Top Gun Iceman Authentic Aviator Flight Helmet 1075
94 Sylvester Stallone Autographed Rambo First Blood Knife 0
95 Jamie Lee Curtis, John Carpenter, Dick Warlock Autographed Halloween II 1:1 Scale Prop Replica Bloody Michael Myers Mask 485
96 Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Thomas Wilson, Lea Thompson & Cast Autographed Back to the Future Part II 1:1 Scale Prop Replica Hoverboard 0
97 Ben Affleck Autographed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 1:1 Scale Batman Cowl 0
98 Adam West Autographed 1:1 Scale Classic 1966 Batman Cowl with Display Case 1100
99 Katee Sackhoff Autographed Star Wars The Black Series Mandalorian Darksaber Force FX Lightsaber with Rare Inscription 540
100 Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Val Kilmer Autographed 1995 Heat Bank Robbery Chris Shiherlis Mask 0